Saint Joseph´s Catholic Hospital


Tubman Boulevard, Congo Town


Saint Joseph´s Catholic Hospital is a mission hospital, established in 1963 by the Brothers of Saint John of God, which serves any kind of patients no matter their race, sex, condition or religion, under a not-for-profit management. The Hospital collaborates in the training of health professionals with the A. M. Dogglioti College of Medicine of the University of Liberia and the Mother Pattern College of Health Sciences of the University of Cuttington. Periodically, the SJCH hosts doctors, surgeons and health professionals from other countries, who help the different departments and provide training course to other professionals and students.

Clinical services

General Medicine, Gynecology, ICU, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Traumatology

Diagnostic services

Laboratory, X-ray

Auxiliary services

Emergency, Wellness

Surgical services

General Surgery

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