Cape Verde

Hospital Agostinho Neto, Praia, Cape Verde


Cardiomed was created as a Cardiological Medical Center in 2005. Today, it is a Hospital with multiple specialties and located at Plateau Policlínica Largo Hospital Agostinho Neto. Currently Cardiomed offers patients a wide variety of services.

Clinical services

Aeronautical Medical Inspection, Anesthesiology, Cardiology, Dentistry, Dermatology, Gastroenterology, General Medicine, Gynecology, Hematology, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Obstetrics, Occupational Medicine, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Urology

Diagnostic services

Audiometry, Colonoscopy, Colposcopy, Cystography, Cytology, Doppler, ECG, Endoscopy, Laboratory, Mammography, Radiograph, Scanner, Ultrasound, Urethroscopy, Urography, X-ray

Auxiliary services

Ambulance, Nutrition, Physiotherapy, Psychiatry, Psychology

Surgical services

General Surgery

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