In 2010, my mother was diagnosed with a tumor growing close to one of her kidneys. This was at a government hospital in Zambia. Doctors arranged surgery, but we wanted a second opinion. When I started searching for private hospitals in Lusaka the capital where I am from, I found that the common alternative was physically going several hospitals to get information, an expensive process both in terms of time and money. Friends suggested South Africa, a known medical destination in Africa, but we were not sure we could afford to fly another country, with no assurance that the hospitals we were going to, where better than the ones at home. When I did further research, I realized this, unfortunately was not unique to me or my family. Millions of people in Africa are faced with this challenge everyday.

“What really struck me was that for a continent with a heavy disease burden and a billion dollar healthcare industry, there is no easy way to find healthcare information, contact hospitals or book appointments with specialist doctors” …

When I moved to Sweden two years later, I was even farther away from these services, even though am a medical sponsor for my mother. And even here in Europe, am not alone – for example, there’s 8.7M Africans in Europe that have this problem.

This is why Manje was born. Manje is a widely used Bantu word that means NOW. Our mission is to help Africans home and abroad find the best possible care options for themselves and their loved ones in just minutes.

Together with my confounder Max Ehle and our amazing team, we have the vision of simplifying healthcare by building Africa’s foremost online market place for chronic disease treatment.

Prudence Persson, CEO, Co-Founder


No easy way to find healthcare information, contact hospitals or book appointments with doctors.

Lack of information and support when navigating unknown healthcare systems abroad

Lack of culturally competent advice and management for people at risk or affected by chronic disease conditions

Existing gap in finding culturally competent mental health and wellness care


Manje Health is a search and discovery platform for chronic disease treatment in Africa. We help you connect with top hospitals and specialists across African cities in just minutes, to enable you make informed decisions, saving you time and money.